Based on what you’ve learned, what personal qualities are necessary to work in each of those roles? 

What job would be a good fit for you? Why?

What role would be your biggest challenge? Why?



  • What organizations exist in your area that have a mission focusing  on children and trauma that would be enhanced by incorporating Child  Life services?
  • Does your community have a school reintegration team that supports  not only a return to school after medical needs, but also return to  school after traumatic events?
  • Have there been any events in your area where this kind of service/support would have benefitted local children?
  • What services exist in your area for children experiencing maltreatment (such as courts, foster/kinship care, or adoption)?
  • What kinds of support systems should be in place that would allow you to bring Child Life to more local children?

Provide  information on at least one resource in your community (elizabeth city NC)  (including name  & website if available) that includes what this agency provides to  your community and how it impacts children or families coping with  grief. How could Child Life philosophies impact this agency and how they  provide supports to local children and families? 



Taking  care of yourself and avoiding burnout are just as important as having  the course work and hands-on experience to becoming a Child Life  Specialist. Without the resources to take care of yourself, you’re not  really able to support those in need of your clinical expertise! 

Review  a list of things you can do daily to maintain your own health, or  things you can do as need to regain your focus and avoid burnout.  Identify what you think is the best therapeutic activity for you now,  and one that you hadn’t tried/considered.

Before you post, TRY that  new activity…..and share your thoughts on how this new activity  impacted you. Do you think it’s important to try more on the list (or  add to the list) to determine how best to take care of yourself?