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BUSI 675

Application Assignment Instructions


Each application assignment is a comprehensive experiential learning experience and is directly related to business analysis and decision-making. The student will complete four application assignments (4).


Each assignment must be a minimum of 3-5 pages of original discussion and analysis, not counting the title page, reference page, figures, tables, and appendixes. Each application assignment must be supported by at least 3 scholarly references, in APA format.

Note: Your assignment will be checked for originality via the Turnitin plagiarism tool. The tool is a starting point for instructors to check overall Academic Integrity and higher scores generally indicate a higher probability of Academic Misconduct. The higher the score the higher the probability that there are too high a percentage of quotations included in the narrative, and/or there are passages that have not been properly cited.

Application: Data Cleansing Assignment

Complete Exercise Level B #32 (p. 177 of your Albright & Winston textbook)

Level B

32. The file P04_32.xlsx contains data imported into

Excel from Microsoft’s Northwind database. There are

worksheets for the company’s customers, products,

product categories, and transactions. Each transaction is

for a product purchased by a customer, but if a customer

purchases multiple products at the same time, there are

several corresponding rows in the Transactions table, one

for each product purchased. The ID columns allow you

to look up names of customers, products, and product

categories. However, some of the IDs in the Transactions

sheet have purposely been corrupted. There can be three

reasons. First, an ID in the Transactions sheet might not

correspond to any customer, product, or product category.

Second, because each order is by a single customer, a

given OrderID should correspond to only one CustomerID.

Third, a given product ID should always correspond to

the same product category ID. Besides the corrupted IDs,

there is one other potential type of error, concerning dates.

Shipping dates can be blank (for orders that haven’t yet

shipped), but they shouldn’t be before the corresponding

order dates. Find all corrupted IDs and shipping dates in

the Transactions sheet. Highlight all bad data in yellow.

You don’t need to change them (because in most cases

there is no way of knowing the correct values).