Kohlberg’s Theory of Moral Reasoning



TEXTBOOK: pp 183 -184


· Provide a brief overview of Kohlberg’s theory of moral development.

· Describe interview participant (age, grade in school, gender, etc.)

· Present Kohlberg’s “drug” scenario to participant

· Ask participant whether the drug should be stolen

· What was the person’s reasoning? (Describe answer in detail.

· Keep in mind that Kohlberg wasn’t necessarily interested in whether Hans should steal the drug or not. He was much more interested in the
reasoning behind the decision.

· Based on the participant’s response, what level of moral reasoning is your participant in according to Kohlberg? What stage is the participant in according to Kohlberg?

· What are some of the problems that have been identified with Kohlberg’s theory?

· What are your thoughts on Kohlberg’s theory?


· Overview of Kohlberg’s theory (3 points)

· Description of Participant – age, grade, gender, etc. (1 points)

· Clear description of Participant’s answer (3 points)

· Clear and thorough description of participant’s stage/level according to Kohlberg. (4 points)

· Shortcomings of Kohlberg’s theory – (4 points)

Your analysis of Kohlberg’s theory (3 points)

· College-level writing skills (grammar, punctuation, sentence structure, etc.) (3 points)

· Responses to at least two classmates that contribute to the discussion. (4 points)