Imagine you are a nurse researcher who is interested in studying the effects of incarceration on the mental health of pregnant mothers who are incarcerated. You are preparing the paperwork for the institutional review board (IRB) to conduct the study.
IRB boards are generally very picky!


Submit along with 5 questions you desire to ask the participants and a short abstract (1 page) describing the study you would like permission to perform to the IRB. This abstract is a short description of the study you are seeking to perform, there should not be any results as you have not obtained permission to perform the study. Correct completion of the form (use your imagination) is worth 5 points. The list of questions is worth 5 points and the abstract are worth 10 points. Think about open-ended vs. closed-ended questions and how these can impact your data. Professional writing is important, and points will be deducted for grammar, spelling, etc.

I will complete the form.