Donnie Darko and Schizophrenia

Write a 4-5 page paper summarizing your reaction to one of the movies listed below. (DONNIE DARKO) You will select one (1) of these movies, watch it, and write your reaction paper. Keep in mind that I′ve seen these movies, so DO NOT write a review of the movie. -Identify the psychological disorders of the movie Donnie Darko then write in detail the diagnosis of the character. Then tell me why it would be appropriate for a psychology student to watch the movie and why you would choose this movie. -References- correct format- Be sure to include your movie ______/ 15 -Summary- Provides a brief summary of film. (2 paragraphs or less) ______/20 -Grammar and Mechanic- Consistently error free _______/20 -PAPER LENGTH- Entire paper should be at least 4 pages minimum 4 citations from the movie 1 inch margins Student Name and Class # (Psy 101) on page 1 _______/15 -ORGANIZATION- Includes effective introduction, developed body, and satisfying conclusion; functions as a whole with a clear flow and purpose. _______/30 -WHY YOU CHOSE THIS MOVIE- Explain why you believe this movie is appropriate for a psychology student (3-4 pages) ______/200 Total _____/300