( Example) The impact of higher education due to technology
1- Introduction:
Definitions (technology /higher education)
Literature review (go to google scholar)
Search for articles by typing (higher education and technology)
Some ideas might include:
1 -How technology affects education in general.
2- University students and positive ideas of technology use in education.
3- University students and negative ideas of technology use in education.
Technology effects education positively.
Technology effects education Negatively.
2- Methodology:
The importance of study is …..
The population is…..
The sample is……
The researcher will use survey ( how survey was done and number of
Survey ( structuring the survey)
Technology with
1-I think that
technology facilitates
my education.
2-Technology makes it
easier to get
345678Are there any other
positive ideas of using
technology in education in
your point of view? (
Agree Neutral
1-Internet disconnection is
a main problem with
2-Using technology effects
my eyes
345Are there any other
negative ideas of using
technology in education in
your opinion? ( optional) ———
Data collection:
For example, 70% thinks technology facilitates their education while 30 %
thinks it hurts their eyes.
( do this with all survey items)
Data analysis
This means that students have positive opinion about technology and not many
students’ health are affected by technology use.
( do this with all survey items)
Since results show that technology affects education positively, the researcher
suggests that the government pay more attention to technology by increasing its
access and giving teachers courses in how to use technology (review other
sources and see what other recommendations they give).
Reference ( APA style)
Dear students,
You are required to submit a project based on what you have learned in the course starting
from identifying the research topic to a research conclusion (please see attached a sample
to follow)
These following tips will help you to design your project:
The topic of the research will be your choice.
It can be either individual work or group work (no more than 5 students in each
 If you are doing a project as a group every member of the group MUST submit the
Project , so I do not give you zero by mistake.
 Number of pages for the project is 10 minimum to 15 maximum
 All research steps should be explicitly included (e.g. Introduction, methodology, data
 Avoid plagiarism and there will be penalty for that.
 Submitting is valid from now and the last day to submit your project will be 9th of
 Submitting after 15th of May will cause mark deduction and will be no marks
considered after 15th of May.
Good luck

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