Social Work Competencies Self-Reflection Assignment Instructions


You will use the associated template for assignment’s submission. For each competency self-reflection assignment, you will complete a self-reflection on specific competencies Please ensure you are using the correct template by confirming the competency included in the template correlates with that week’s assignment.

As emerging social work professionals, it is imperative that you understand and embody the nine core competencies of social work. These competencies are defined by CSWE (Council on Social Work Education). In these self-reflection assignments, you will use the provided template documents. There are three components in completing your template:

1. You will read the description of the competency provided by CSWE in the 2015 EPAS (Educational Policy Accreditation Standards).

2. You will provide a brief summary of your perspective of your competence in that area. 4-5 sentences minimum.

3. You will also develop a S.M.A.R.T. goal according to the competency. You can relate your S.M.A.R.T. goal to your goals in your field experience, employment, and other professional avenues.S.M.A.R.T. goals are
Realistic, and
Time-Bound. Be as specific as possible in your goal, while also ensuring it is realistic to be achieved.

For SOWK 465 and SOWK 665 students, your responses should demonstrate growth and progress since your previous submissions, being different in content and examples.

You must successfully complete all assignments in this course and receive full approval on a field placement proposal to be eligible for Gate Approval.

*The posting or utilizing of resources from non-approved, external resources (i.e., Course Hero, Quizlett, etc.) is considered academic misconduct. The Honor Codes of the university would consider posting course work online as aiding in academic misconduct, and using resources/sites like these would fall under “using unauthorized aids of any kind”.

As our goal is to produce competent social workers who espouse the values of the profession, this type of academic misconduct is a breach of integrity that is not tolerated within this program. If a student is found to have utilized or contributed to resources like these, they will be reported to the University for disciplinary action. 
No student who is found with use of such resources will be approved through this current Gate this semester, in addition to the potential for dismissal from the program.