Personal Heritage/Global Food Item Research Assignment 

Submit a two to three page (maximum, not counting bibliography) word-processed, 12-point font, double spaced paper. In this paper you will identify the core, complementary and secondary foods consumed by people in your cultural group (Black American). Also identify the cultural foods you and your family still consume (Soul food and seafood). Significant holiday or religious traditions involving special foods should included also. (Christmas and Thanksgiving we eat things like; ham, turkey, chicken, collard greens, yams, Mac and cheese, dressing, etc). 

You are required to included a bibliography at the end of your paper and list your resources (journal, articles, books, website, magazines, etc). 

1. First write a list (in text form) that identifies Core: staples that are regularly included in a person’s diet, usually on a daily basis (Chicken, Beef, Rice, and Potatoes), Secondary: foods that are less frequently eaten maybe once a week (turkey neck, neckbones, pig feet), Complementary: foods that are flavorful that are served with the core foods, to improve palatability. When eaten in small amount, they can encourage our consumption of the core food (beans, cornbread, etc). 

2. Second identify the cultural foods you and your family still consume. Significant holiday or religious traditions involving special foods should be included (stated above). 

3. Third, choose a food item from your culture to research how it fits in the global food supply. The global food supply chain involves all individuals, organizations, resources, activities, and technology involved in the creation and sale of a food product, from the farm and delivery of raw materials supplied to the manufacturer, transport, delivery and its eventual use by the consumer. (chicken). 

Next, appropriately research on the web (meaning everything should not be taken at face value) and in acceptable journals and text, the following (3a through 3c below) relationships and concepts with regard to the food item you’ve chosen from your heritage:

a. Determine and describe the source of food (growers, producers, manufacturers)

b. Determine and describe the journey it took to reach you (by what means did it travel to reach the store from which you purchased it?)

c. Determine and describe the social and/ or economic impact of purchasing this item. 

d. Determine and describe under what agreements the food or ingredients were purchased (fair trade? large commercial growers? etc)

e. Determine and describe whether it was organically or conventionally grown or raised and any environmental implications of this product. 

4. Fourth, compose your bibliography/ reference list as directed below:

Provide a bibliography of current supporting data (at least seven resources – this could include your text and six or more additional resources). Wikipedia may not be used as a reference source.

All reference notations should follow the American Medical Association (AMA) guidelines for Authors.