Use the concepts and analyses learned in the course to conduct a strategic analysis of the company in the case and prepare a presentation of the results to the class. 

Your presentation should be given as if you were addressing the CEO and/or Board of Directors of the company at the present time.  You should assume the audience is knowledgeable about the company and its situation.  Your presentation should consist of your
evaluation and critique of the company’s strategy and performance, and your
recommendations for improving its competitive position and financial performance, using supporting analyses as needed.  For each action you recommend, show the analyses that led you to that recommendation.  You may need to do some research to update the case to the present time. 

Presentations should be 10 minutes in length with time for Q&A at the end of the presentation. Project should be submitted with both draft and slides.

Case 4: Ford Motor Company: Will the Company’s Strategic Moves Restore its Competitiveness and Financial Performance?

Look up the case in textbook

Write a 4-5 pages paper with 4-5 academic references in apa format

Use the paper as draft to Make a 12 slides PowerPoint for this project

Please give both slides and draft to me I need the draft to present.


Performance Indicators 

(Observation descriptors indicating extent to which criterion is met.)





Needs Improvement




No Submission


20% of overall grade

Information presented in a logical manner, follows a sequence, and includes a proper introduction and reflection/conclusion.

20 points

Information is presented in a somewhat logical manner and includes an introduction and reflection.

15 points 

Information does not follow a sequence, but does include an introduction and reflection 

10 points

Information does not include a sequence of events, introduction, or reflection. 

5 points

No submission.

0 points


20% of overall grade

The information is presented thoroughly and covers the topic with subject matter, data accuracy, and clarity. 

20 points

The information presented is somewhat thorough, accurate, and clear with regard to subject matter, data accuracy, and clarity. 

15 points 

The information presented is partially complete, but is inaccurate and/or lacks clarity.

10 points

The information presented is incomplete, inaccurate, and unclear.

5 points

No submission.

0 points

Presentation Skills

25% of overall grade

Presenters maintain upright posture, maintain eye contact with the audience, use proper grammar, and project their voice audibly and clearly. Presenter uses visual aids correctly to highlight points well (does not read from slides, etc)

25 points

Presenters mostly maintain proper posture and eye contact, use mostly proper grammar, and are mostly audible and clear. Presenter often makes use of visual aids to highlight points.

18.75 points 

Presenters use poor posture, maintain little eye contact with the audience, improper grammar, and are not audible or clear. Presenters inconsistently make use of visual aids to highlight points.

12.5 points

Presenters use poor posture, no eye contact, mostly read from the slides, use improper grammar, and are not audible or clear. Presenters do not make use of visual aids.

6.25 points 

No submission.

0 points