1. Describe the key stylistic characteristics of ragtime performance and composition. When and where did the earliest notions of ragtime develop.
  2. Describe the terms ” Rag’ or Ragging”
  3. What is Classic Ragtime?
  4.   What was Scott Joplin’s vision for ragtime, and what role did he play in its development. What social barriers did Joplin navigate in order to pursue his goals.
  5. What are the origins of the term ” Coon” and how does this relate to a style in music
  6. Describe Ernest Hogan’s contributions to ragtime and what did historians consider ” All Coons Look Like Me” to be his his most important or composition?
  7. What is the difference between cakewalk and ragtime?
  8. View decorative covers of ragtime sheet music covers in the content folder. Chili Sauce Rag, The Ragtime Dance and Poverty Rag . Describe each for images, text, intended markets, and comment on what your study reveal about social attitudes towards African American music and culture?
  9. Discover the world of Ragtime music and comment on the style of James Scott and Joseph Lamb. Why was their music different from Scott Joplin? 
  10. Describe the origins and plot of Scott Joplin’s opera ” Treemonisha