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Population Health Assessment and Prevention Project Checkpoint 1

1. Identify your chosen community (name and zip code).

The chosen community is Palmetto States, Miami, Florida 33157. This is a highly-populated area where diversity and liveliness meet in the very center of Miami. It encompasses numerous residential and business areas, parks, and green spaces; it is a perfect blend of everything. This community is known for its rich cultural heritage, consisting of a unique mixture of people from different ethnic backgrounds, including whites, blacks, American Indians, and Latinas (, 2023).

2. Describe the physical environment (Ex: safe sidewalks for walking; roads; green space; type & quality of housing; any vacant, vandalized structures; environmental concerns like contamination of air or water).

Compared to other cities, Palmetto States is unique in terms of its physical environment with a highly diverse mix of residential housing options ranging from single-family homes to modern apartment complexes. The uniformly constructed broad sidewalks along the street are well maintained and, thus, safe for both pedestrians and cyclists. However, the condition of the roads, the majority of which are in good condition, is being disadvantaged by small patches of road infrastructure that need repair, with potholes being a hazard. These defects are minor, but the overall standard of housing is very appreciable, with residents being proud to keep their properties neat and clean. Nonetheless, the neighborhood is not unchallenged, exhibiting vacant properties in its midst, especially in the corner lots and on the street edges. Some of these structures themselves demonstrate signs of decline, such as broken windows and graffiti, which can trigger a debate about public security and property value. In addition to that, some discrepancies can be identified if there are industrial zones next to it, which can affect the quality of air and water, and therefore, the issue should be investigated and solved.

3. Explain the potential impact of the physical environment on health outcomes.

The health conditions of the people residing in Palmetto State are greatly influenced by the physical environment. The environment, in this case, refers to the climatic conditions, geographical features, population density, and economic status of the state. This playground will make it easier for people to walk and jog, which will help them to be more active in their daily lives and contribute to lower levels of obesity and cardiovascular diseases. On the other hand, the availability of rudimentary infrastructures like roadways that are not well-maintained poses safety threats that may cause accidents and, consequently, injuries that may affect both the physical and mental health of people. Also, dilapidated and vandalized properties alongside the streets not only cause the aesthetical values of the community to come down but also may be one of the reasons for insecurity for folks living there, which perhaps influences their psychological status. However, environmental contamination and pollution sources are environmental issues that cannot be ignored in the process of reducing public health risks and reducing respiratory disease and other health conditions.

4. Describe where and when you observe groups of people congregating and their behaviors. Describe the people you observe.

Across the Palmetto States, one can appreciate the diverse community life as it is expressed through the various events and activities that take place during weekends and evenings. Recreation places and green spaces are what people use to mark social gatherings where they have their picnics, take part in sports, and relax as they walk around the parks and the various trees. Also, the local centers for community stay fully occupied as the residents of all ages enjoy some events and programs that are designed to develop social bonding and community spirit. Similarly, the business areas, where people and groups are crowded in cafes, restaurants, and other food outlets, are considered the heart of community life because of the intermingling of people and the expression of community spirit. The diversity of the demographics of Palmetto States is as unique as their landscapes, which incorporate families, young workers, retired people, and people coming from multicultural backgrounds, which make up the fabric of community life.

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Population Health Assessment and Prevention Project Checkpoint 2


For this week’s checkpoint, you will use community and environmental data you’ve collected for Part 2 of the Population Health Assessment & Prevention Project due in Week 5 as you answer this week’s discussion question.

You will also identify and schedule interviews to prepare for completing sections 3 & 5 of the project.

Community Member Interviews: Identify and schedule an interview with three Community Members (for example: police or fireman; school teacher, community member (no official title), mechanic, or librarian; business owner or store clerk/manager) to determine their perspective on the health of the community.

Community Planning Interview: Identify and schedule an interview with a healthcare member (for example: public health nurse, school nurse, or Red Cross nurse) in the community. If you select a nurse for this role, make sure that you are using at minimum someone who is an RN. You should not select an LPN or LVN for this role. You may select someone in another healthcare profession to make this an interdisciplinary collaboration.

Question 1

List the name, title, and date and time of scheduled interview for Community Member 1.

Community Member 1:

Name: Maria Guerra

Title: Police Commander

Date and Time of Interview: March 31th, at 1300.

Question 2

List the name, title, and date and time of scheduled interview for Community Member 2.

Community Member 2:

Name: Mrs. Dawn Lamonte

Title: Teacher

Date and Time of Scheduled Interview: March 30th, at 13:00

Question 3

List the name, title, and date and time of scheduled interview for Community Member 3.

Community Member 3:

Name: Anthon Samuel

Title: Store Manager

Date and Time of Scheduled Interview: March 31st at 14:00

Question 4

List the name, title, credentials, and date and time of scheduled interview for Community Planning Healthcare Professional.

Name: Wilmer Tirado

Title: Pharmacist

Credentials: PharmD

Date and Time of Scheduled Interview: April 1st, at 13:00

Question 5

All interview dates are scheduled and confirmed before the due date of the Population Health Assessment and Prevention Project due in Week 5.