BIO-105 – Climate Change Assignment 2024

Deadline April 10th

Assignment Outline

You may choose to submit either a PowerPoint presentation or essay for this assignment.

The topic covered should describe the causes and consequences of rising greenhouse gases in the atmosphere. This topic is covered in Chapter 18 of the textbook and will be presented in Week 6 as a short lecture
. You must use other resources other than the textbook and my lecture slides (see page 2).


PowerPoint Format: The presentation should be 8 slides (minimum) to 16 slides (maximum).
Must include images.


Essay Format: The paper should be 2 pages (minimum) – 6 pages (maximum) long (not including bibliography), typed, 1.5-spaced.


Introduction/Introductory slide: Explain the term ‘climate change’. Your explanation should include a description of what greenhouse gases are and how they cause an increase in the Earth’s temperature.

Body of the paper/ slides:

Provide a more detailed explanation of the human causes of climate change for example: the burning of fossil fuels, deforestation, agriculture etc. Noting how each increases a specific type of greenhouse gas.

You should then discuss what consequences are of the increase in temperature, specific to biology (other organisms and humans). Try to relate your knowledge of evolution to why rapid changes can lead to the extinction of certain species.

Conclusion/ Summary slide: Overall conclusion and opinion as to whether people should be concerned/ what people can do to help.

Bibliography: List sources used. You must use additional resources other than textbook.


· Assignment handed in on time, neatly presented (with images for PowerPoint presentations), and is within page/slide minimum/maximum limit
(2 points).

· Good use of the English Language, spelling, grammar and proof reading
(2 points).

· Assignment is well organized and includes each section: Introduction
(2.5 points),
(8 points), and Conclusion
(2.5 points).

Assignment presented in student’s own words*, shows student’s overall understanding of subject material and includes a bibliography
(3 points)

Note: Any work submitted that is found to be plagiarized will automatically be given a ZERO*


You may use Chapter 18 slides (on Mastering Biology) and the textbook to help with this work, however you must also use at least one other source, and ensure you state this source at the end of the presentation.


I strongly recommend you watch at least one of the films listed

A life on Our Planet – David Attenborough, available on Netflix

Before the Food – Leonardo DiCaprio, available at



National Geographic:

National Institute for Health (NIH)

The Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change (IPPC)

United Nation (UN)

News Articles

NPR News

CBS News

New York Times


National Geographic

Vice Media