You are chairperson of a task force focused on improving the health of your community. In this role, you have been asked to identify a critical need in your community and develop a framework for addressing this need. In this framework, you will identify the various stakeholders involved in the development of health care policy that will address this need and influence outcomes. In addition, address the roles of the stakeholders (local, state, or federal government) as appropriate to address this health care need. 


Review the Health Care Access and Quality page of the Healthy People 2030 website. The goal of Health Care Access and Quality is to increase access to comprehensive, high-quality health care services. There are several related objectives, each of which is scored based on the program’s success or failure.

  • Select 1 of the related objectives that are scored as either “little or no detectable change” or “getting worse.”
  • Research your selected objective and identify the factors that have contributed to or are contributing to failure.
  • Analyze the stakeholders for this selected objective, and develop a framework for engaging these stakeholders to facilitate success or improvement in the objective.
  • There are several groups of stakeholders that influence the health care policy development process and ultimately help shape our health care policies. These groups of stakeholders are often referred to as the 4 Ps:
  • Patients are the largest consumers of health care. The needs and wants of the public (disparities) also drive the decisions made by health care decision-makers.
  • Providers: physicians, advanced practice nurses, pharmacists, nurses
  • Payors: insurance companies
  • Policymakers: government agencies and interest groups such as AARP, the American Medical Association, and KFF 

Assessment Deliverable

Prepare a 700- to 1,050-word white paper detailing your research and suggestions for your task force. In your white paper:

  • Identify the selected related objective.
  • Identify the score (“getting worse” or “little or no detectable change”).
  • Include any related research. Consider any gaps in social structure or the health care system that are impacting this objective.
  • List and define the stakeholders for this objective and analyze their potential role in the objective that you have selected.
  • Identify 2 or 3 tactics for addressing this objective, including a tactic involving the development of a health care policy.
  • Summarize how your task force can engage these stakeholders in the development of the policy and implementation of the identified tactics.

Cite at least 2 scholarly sources to support your paper.  

Format your citations and references according to APA guidelines. 

Submit your assessment