Please reference page in APA format with at least two references you used as sources for the information on the infographic.

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As a medical professor responsible for creating college assignments and evaluating student performance, I understand the importance of credible and reliable sources in providing accurate and up-to-date information to medical college students. In order to ensure the highest level of academic integrity, it is essential to properly cite sources using the APA format. This format provides a standardized method for referencing information from various sources, allowing readers to easily locate and verify the information being presented. When creating college assignments, it is important to include at least two references to support the content provided, ensuring that the information is based on reputable sources and aligns with current medical knowledge.

Answer to the content:

The content mentioned in the question, specifically requesting at least two references used as sources for the information on the infographic, signifies the importance of providing evidence-based information to medical college students. As a medical professor, I understand the significance of using credible sources to support the content being taught in lectures and assignments.

In this case, as the creator of the content, I would ensure that the references used to gather information for the infographic are accurately cited using the APA format. Here is an example of how the references could be included:


1. Smith, A. B., & Johnson, C. D. (2020). The role of nutrition in cardiovascular health. Journal of Cardiology and Nutrition, 25(3), 45-58. doi: 10.xxxx/jcn.2020.25.3.45

2. Jones, E. F., & Brown, K. L. (2019). The impact of exercise on mental health and well-being: A systematic review. Journal of Exercise Psychology, 42(2), 273-289. doi: 10.xxxx/jep.2019.42.2.273

By including the full citations in APA format, including the authors’ names, article titles, journal names, volume and issue numbers, and page range, students can easily access these references for further reading or verification purposes. Additionally, citing the sources used provides transparency and credibility to the information presented, demonstrating the use of evidence-based practice in medical education.

In conclusion, as a medical professor, ensuring the use of proper referencing and citations is crucial when creating college assignments and providing accurate and reliable information to medical college students. The inclusion of valid references using the APA format not only supports the content being taught but also allows students to further explore the topic and verify the information provided. Providing well-referenced content promotes academic integrity and strengthens the educational experience for the students.