Write a historiographical essay on how the two schools of thought that

Purpose: The objective of this project is for you to write a historiographical essay on how the two schools of thought that we have discussed in class, Dependency Theory and Global History can relate to your research goals. When writing your essay consider the following: You are more familiar with the Dependency Theory, which places Latin America into Euro-American (“World”) hegemonic structures, How can World History methodologies help you approach your topic in a different manner, one that recognizes, for instance, the agency of historical actors in historical processes? You can also consider if the Global History approach is more appropriate (or not) for your research given the nature of your documentation. The goal is for you to reflect on how you can expand your perspective of the past using Global history tools.


Genre: You will write a 7-page (double-spaced) historiographical essay. This essay must contain the following: An introduction in which you clearly state the main topic of discussion. The introduction must include a thesis and an outline that presents how you organized your essay. A general historical context of your topic, A set of arguments based on secondary sources that advance and prove your thesis, and A conclusion that includes the main findings of the research and/or questions that may need further study

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