Philosophy Existentialism of Soren Kierkegaard

Text: “Fear and Trembling” (this digital text is located in my – Login information will be available for the assigned writer). Based on your reading of Fear and Trembling, and any related articles and commentary, explain the difference between “infinite resignation” and “faith”.

What are the necessary conditions (or essential “movements”) in each? Using the same readings, explain how Adams and Cross interpret the role of the absurd as an essential aspect of faith. Be sure to explain the implications of each view for understanding Abraham’s stance toward Isaac, the sacrifice itself, the “impossible” that he confidently expects, the nature of his “struggle” with God, and whatever cognitive beliefs that he may (or may not) be said to hold. Mention any objections (or problems that need to be resolved) that apply to each view. Conclude by presenting and defending some interpretation of these ideas (either defend a view drawn from one of the secondary sources, or one of your own).

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