Museum Paper

Read the instructions carefully and write a museum paper. Choose ONE greek vase with Narrative content (mythological or otherwise) on display at the Royal Ontario Museum.(I have visited the museum and took some pictures of the vases,i will provide them in the Additional Details.You can choose one vase that you think is good for the work and write about it.) Once you have settled on your object, you can do 1 of 2 things. 1. Pick another vase in the collection that will compare and contrast nicely to yours, with the same subject matter. 2. Browse/Search the Beazley Archive to find a comparison piece, again showing the same subject matter for your chosen object. If you think you can’t do option 1,please do option 2 and go to the website to find a comparison piece. Please read the paper instruction carefully and follow everything on it.It is the key to write this assignment.

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