Digital Communication: How does the Harry Potter film series utilize


The goal of this project is to thoroughly research a topic within digital communication and present findings using relevant technology.


Part 1: Choose a digital communication topic to research in-depth that includes at least one aspect of social media. You should answer a question about a controversial digital communication topic: for example, should social media sites, such as Twitter, use data mining to track their users’ Internet histories? Or, how has YouTube affected the digital music industry? Alternately, your paper could also be a case study, still asking and answering a question: for example, how does the Harry Potter film series utilize social media? Your research paper should be 5 pages and should cover the directives already given and follow accepted research approaches and citation format (APA). Base your research paper on at least eight different research sources which must be listed in the concluding bibliography list; use an even mix of hardcopy and online sources because there is a definite qualitative difference between the two types. You may include your opinion in the last paragraph of the paper; the vast majority of your paper should be objective and based upon research findings

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