criminological theory

Assignment Requirements: Write 10 page typed double spaced paper on a criminological theory and how that theory may have benefited the criminal justice system in its attempt to reduce crime. In other words how has the theory you have selected facilitated crime reduction in the United States. You may also select a particular group or community. Your paper must be attached in a word document and submitted in the assignment area. You must have at least three references. Your course text may be used as one of your references. Use APA style to develop your paper. When citing in text references and reference list you must use APA style. Course paper format: Use APA (American Psychological Association) style for the course paper: 1. Cover page 2. Abstract 3. Introduction 4. Discussion 5. Conclusion 6. References Additional suggested reading assignments: Francis T. Cullen & Robert Agnew (2003). Criminological Theory Past to Present 2nd ed. Roxbury Los Angeles, CA: Publishing Company. Ronald L. Akers & Christine S. Sellers (2009). Criminological Theories Introduction, Evaluation, and Application 5th ed. New York: Oxford University Press. George B. Vold, Thomas J. Bernard and Jeffrey B. Snipes (2002). Theoretical Criminology 5th ed. New York. Oxford University Press.

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