Black Female Representation

What is the main purpose of the article/video? (State as accurately as possible the author’s purpose/goal/intent; What is he/she attempting to explain, highlight, etc. in the article/video?) What are two key question(s) the author/producer is addressing? (Figure out the key question(s) in the mind of the author/producer when s/he wrote/produced the article/video.) What are the main conclusions in the article/video? (Identify the key conclusions the author/producer presents in the article/video.) What data and facts were presented to support the author/producer’s conclusions? (Figure out the facts, experiences, data the author is using to support her/his conclusions. Provide specific examples.) What main point(s)/conclusion(s)/evidence did you find personally significant/meaningful? Why? Identify information that you found most educational and enlightening, confusing or upsetting, etc. Why? Was there additional information that could have been included that would assist you in understanding the problem more fully? What was it and why? Please be specific and provide details and examples.

#Black #Female #Representation

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