English 1302 Assignment 2: Reading material – Title of drama: Trifles

Reading material – Title of drama: Trifles by Susan Glaspell This essay requires that you focus on and analyze drama and use two outside sources to expand your analyses. T

Keep track of your outside sources. If you use the databases, and you should use them, email the articles to yourself. Save them in case I need to ask you to show me. Required: At least three pages of analyses. No title page is required; however, follow MLA guidelines for heading, margins, and title placement. A works cited page is required for this paper. Quoting from primary and secondary sources is required. Twelve-point font and double spacing is required. Do not forget to put your last name, a space, and the page numbers in the top, right margin of each page including the works cited. Documentation: Use correct citation for in-text citations and Works Cited documentation according to MLA guidelines. When you quote primary or secondary material, use correct punctuation. Look up using quotations in your OER materials. You may also use reliable resources, such as Purdue Owl. Prompts: In your reading materials, there are references to the elements of drama that you can analyze in your papers to draw the general conclusions. Study the materials to help you get insights into important details you can draw from the literature to analyze. They may help you focus on specific aspects of drama and analyze them for content and intent. Notice that lighting, action, setting, diction, and even sound effects come to be more dominant elements that play important roles in depicting the theme in drama. Researched material: In this assignment, you are required to include at the information from two secondary sources. You must know how to cite Internet or electronic sources accurately as part of your in-text citation and your works cited information. Consult your SM handbook for the examples. You must restrict your research to the following:

1.) For ONE of your outside sources, find information that is not about the play. Find information that relates to the play in some significant way. The information can be about the author’s life or social, political, or historical issues relevant to the time the play takes place or that were influential to the author in some way. Weave that material into your analyses of an important element and the theme of the play. In other words, use this information to help you justify your interpretation.

2.) For the SECOND outside source, find critical analyses of the play, the author’s style, the symbolism in the play, etc. Do not scour the virtual earth for material that will give you a thesis. Instead, find analytical material that you can use to help you illustrate the significance of specific elements of the play, like the symbolism of its characters, if any, and so on.

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