CCJS 311 Project 2 and 3 Directing the Intelligence Operation 2016

Intelligence Report 2:

According to confidential informant reporting[8] from the Big City detention facility the prison gang Big River Gang’s (BRG) is expanding their turf outside the Big City USA Detention Facility to the Western and Eastern Districts. BRG members are well established in the Department of Public Safety and Correctional Services (DPSCS) and throughout the state. Organized BRG activity has been reported in seven counties and Big City, mainly surrounding DPSCS facilities. [9] According to a defendant [10] seeking a favorable plea agreement for attempted murder the Big River Gang has reportedly obtained a new shipment of weapons via the Big City USA Port from an overseas supplier.

The informant says the Big River Gang intends to use those weapons to push out other gangs out of the Eastern and Western Districts to establish control over the illegal drug distribution in the districts. Surveillance video and electronic listening devices [11]directed at a Big River Gang gathering at a public park recorded gang members discussing in vague terms new international and domestic sources for their products. It should be noted that the Big River has reportedly several legitimate clothing stores which sell clothing manufactured overseas. A Big City USA undercover police officer also has reported that he heard several Big River Gang members discussing the “removal” of roadblocks in expanding their operations in the city back in April. Doctrinal References for Students Law Enforcement Analytic Standards (2nd End) The following are fictional references. They are not available for viewing. You do not need them to complete this assignment. [1] Table 1 Big City Western Murder Statistics for 2016 [2] Big City Gang Database [3] Big City Threat Assessment dated 01/15/2016 [4] Table 1 Big City Western Murder Statistics for 2015 [5] Investigative Report dated June 15, 2016 [6] Investigative Report dated April 26, 2016 [7] FBI N- DEx [8] Confidential Informant report dated 05/15/2015 [9] Big City Gang Taskforce Database [10] Grand jury Testimony dated 04/13/2016

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