Poet Infographic

Explore at least two points about an author’s works and create a visual support for the information. Cover the author Adrienne Rich as a feminist poet, including the themes of love and marriage in “Aunt Jennifer’s Tigers,” and her appeal as a poet. These are some of the items that you will need to include: Banner at the top of the page with the author’s name and subtitle (theme of your visual essay). Overview of what you are going to explain about his or her work. Two points enhanced by visual representations. A sidebar with biographical information on the author. A summary of what the two points convey in a larger sense. This assignment is designed to give your practice on creating a visual essay, and your audience would be a college class. Use color and design to convey your own sense of creativity! -Focus your ideas with a simple visual enhancement. When writing about the poet, always include a photograph of the poet (or portrait) to convey a sense of the poet’s identity. -Keep the infographic focused on the main points: the introduction, biography, and main themes. Don’t cutter the information with other points. -Make the visuals complementary with 2-3 main colors. These colors should coordinate and fit with the photographic images—not distract the reader. -Vary the images. Don’t include all “square” shapes; the brain finds it appealing to see circles, lines, and squares. -Use the “white space” effectively without making the colors overwhelm the images. Every aspect of the infographic should blend. -Always proofread the text sections of the infographic. Grammar and punctuation errors detract from the credibility of the document.

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