IT For East Fashion

Read the case study and analysis the case.

Not question answer Students will be asked to identify and describe several aspects about the case: 1. An overview of the current business state 2. A recommended target business state 3. A recommended IT strategy for arriving at the target business state Students will be asked to describe these items in a case analysis narrative of 5-10 pages in length. All aspects listed above must be included in this narrative. Questions for consideration might include: (1) 1. How would you advise leadership to proceed on the issue of an upgrade? a. Would you recommend an upgrade to the current operating system? b. Would you recommend in store networks? c. Would you recommend giving employees the ability to look up inventory balances? 2. What is Zara’s business model and how does it differ from other fashion retailers? What are its strengths and weaknesses and can it be scaled for growth? 3. What information does Zara need to operate under its current business model? 4. What are the most important components to how Zara approaches information technology? Are these appropriate to doing business? 5. What are current or potential weaknesses in Zara’s IT infrastructure and strategy?

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