Examine a theme found in two of the poems in the packet

Write an essay which examines a theme found in two of the poems in the packet. This essay will have a thesis saying what the two poems together show about the theme. The theme might not be obvious in both poems, and so part of the job of this paper is to analyze each poem to show how it addresses this theme and what it says about this theme—and to go beyond that, to find connections between the poems, looking for ways together they add up to a bigger or more comprehensive idea about this theme. Aim to find what the two poems say together that neither could say separately.

Required sources 

  • The two poems from the packet.
  • At least one outside source for each poem. These will be different kinds of sources depending on the poem. For “Because I Could Not Stop for Death,” I will have some useful resources in Canvas for you, which are sort of on the border between popular and scholarly, and you could also find scholarly articles. For the other poems, you could use an interview with the poet, a scholarly article about the poem, or factual detail required to understand the poem.
  • You may use more sources if you need them to help your understanding, but don’t try to add sources just to increase your number of sources.
  • All sources should be reliable and professional, though they may be for a popular audience. For example, you will find a lot of student projects on “Because I could not stop for Death,” but those are not reliable, as they are by inexperienced amateurs. Wikipedia is also not an acceptable source for academic work because it isn’t stable and because the authors are unnamed.
  • All the sources should be relevant for the development and support of the thesis.

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