British Invasion: Mods, Rockers, & Social Crosscurrents

 Writing Assignment Directions After the British invasion, rock and roll was firmly rooted in American culture. Rock has had two faces. One catered to the developing mass culture with its immense popularity. The other was the bad-boy image that was offered by the Mod stream of British bands. Within this context, respond to the following questions: How does the popularity of The Beatles compare with that of Elvis? How did the marketing of these two rock icons compare? How did they relate to the developing mass culture? How did the marketing of The Rolling Stones compare to that of The Beatles? How did they get their bad-boy image? Did they always have it? How do they reflect the difference between the Mods and the Rockers? Is that distinction still at work in rock today? How do the troubles of the British working-class baby boomers affect the developing rock ethos? Is the situation similar to that of the race issues that African Americans brought to early rock? Be sure to cite your sources. Your essay should be minimum of 300 words and written in a formal style with indented paragraphs, spaces between paragraphs, and a list of sources used in a formal bibliographic style such as The Chicago Manual of Style to avoid losing points.

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