Opportunity Assessment and Identification

 Description of Assignment: you will be required to identify specific opportunities, brainstorm of possible solutions and set clear objectives “How do we make sure that we are designing for a feeling of empowerment, inclusion, community, love, or beauty in these tough contexts?” —Jocelyn Wyatt, Chief Executive Officer of IDEO.org Societies face several social challenges- that being said, one of the biggest issues is determining which challenge to tackle especially when doing so from a developing or emerging economy. ( BRAZIL if possible) To that end, you have been tasked to identify opportunities on how to reframe one of the following issues- Poverty; lack of energy and or education so that stakeholders are able to begin understanding how to find sustainable solutions. To do so, you will have to prepare a 2500-word report that utilizes a framework, design thinking principles, a country of your choice and consider local variables. Note. Students must select a country to base their analysis ( Brazil if possible) Use a framework and relevant design thinking principles to justify their narrative. 

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