How was able to sustain its market leadership in the

Case Study (15 Points). Students will be given a case study and asked to prepare a response to questions posed at the end of the case study. The purpose is to help students integrate the reading material, class discussion and real world situations. Answer the five questions below (the first three are from the end of the case and are repeated below). Who were the non-customers of the traditional CRM software industry? What were the biggest blocks to buyer utility in traditional CRM software offerings? Which one(s) of the six paths did look across to create new market space? Can you draw a value curve of’s initial on-demand CRM offering in the early 2000’s versus traditional CRM software vendors’ on the strategy canvas? How was able to sustain its market leadership in the on-demand CRM market vis-a-vis both large players and new entrants for more than a decade? How would you compare Blue Ocean as a strategy to other strategic approaches such as Porter’ Five Forces or RBV? How would you assess the implementation of Blue Ocean Strategy at NOTE: Max 5-6 page response (+ cover and reference page) #sustain #market #leadership

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