Comprehensive health assessment.


For this assignment, you will complete a comprehensive health assessment. Submit your completed health history form, genogram, and brief written summary addressing each of the following: Subjective Data: Include and provide great detail of demographic data in health history. Health History: Provide detailed information on the following: Past medical history Past surgical history Current medications, including but not limited to frequency, dosage, and reason for taking the medication Immunization history Social history Health maintenance Family history Patient problem, listed by systems 3. Review of Systems: Provide sufficient detail and information on all 22 physical examination and review of system items. 4. Summary: Write a detailed summary, strengths, deficits, health-related concerns based on SBAR. 5. Writing: Your assignment should be written clearly, and logically according to APA requirements. **************Patient is a 75 year old female with hypertension and diabetes****************** 3/4/2019instructions 4/5 Systems: General Skin Hair Nails Eyes Ears Nose/Sinuses Mouth Throat/Neck Breasts/Axillae Respiratory Cardiac Peripheral Vascular Gastrointestinal Urinary Musculoskeletal Neurological Psychological Reproductive (sex appropriate) Endocrine Lymphatic Hematologic

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