Description Choose an Administrative Tribunal (either at the Federal or Provincial (Ontario only) as the subject of your assignment. You can choose from the tribunals that are in the textbook, except you cannot select the following tribunals: Human Rights Tribunal, Ontario Landlord Tenant Board, Ontario Labour Relations Board or Law Society Tribunal of Ontario. You can select another tribunal that is not in the textbook, but consult with me before finalising your topic. This assignment gives you an opportunity to make contacts with people at tribunals you wish to work with in your practice, to learn more about a tribunal in front of which you will be representing clients and to work independently in the field and organise your work. To prepare a large and detailed legal submission, to comprehensively understand the work of the admin body. The paper must use Canadian Guide to Uniform Legal Citation (McGill) Legal citation (online) The paper must have a List of Sources that includes, legislation, cases, journals and commentaries For the paper portion, you have to research and write an essay on the a) History and Development of the Tribunal b) Purpose and Function of the Tribunal c) Significance of the Tribunal in Ontario or Canadian Administrative Context d) Interviews – tribunal members, tribunal employees, legal counsel, clients For the manual portion, you have to create a user friendly procedural guide e) Laws and Legislation that governs the Tribunal f) Structure and Organisation of the Tribunal g) Procedures and Documents required for the tribunal h) Case Law and Client Examples of the Tribunal

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