Modern Society

Description Michel Foucault argued that modern society functions like a panopticon. According to Foucault, modern society created a number of “disciplinary” methods that are designed to ensure social order and stability. As warned by Foucault, these methods are harmful to citizens since it makes them “docile” or compliant/submissive. With this in mind, Imagine you are Dr. Money in the last years of his life. In a final diary entry in which you reflect on the Reimer case and other moments in American history, do one of the following: Silence your critics by arguing that a panopticon is necessary and/or beneficial since it creates an orderly, safe and ultimately better society for all citizens. Or show your remorse and argue that a panopticon is dangerous since it either creates more disorder and/or creates a harmful and dangerous society for all citizens. Or explain in your diary that a panopticon can be both helpful and harmful, depending on the specific type of panopticon at work and/or the specific ways in which the panopticon exerts power. In your conclusion, briefly state how you would like to be remembered by those reading your diary in the future. Your essay should answer the prompt question using evidence from the following 8 sources:

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