Comparing/Contrasting Graphic Novels Dracula and Twilight

Comparing/Contrasting Graphic Novels

Dracula and Twilight


 1. How are these two texts alike?  Consider the nature of the vampires and other characters, the storyline, and the graphic novel format. Pay special attention to the way the characters are drawn, the use of panels, speech bubbles, and other visual qualities of the novels (e.g., lines, shading, shapes, color). Consider, too, how the images and words are placed on the pages of each novel.

 2. How are these texts different? Again, consider the characters, storyline, and graphic novel qualities like those you considered in question 1.

 3. For each text explain who the narrator is (who is telling the story) and the point of view (angle from which the story is told).  How do the pictures support your ideas about the narrators? Explain.

4. Of these two graphic novels that you read, which graphic novel did you enjoy more? Write a reaction explaining why.

 What information did you learn in Dracula and Twilight about the two main vampires?  Use evidence that can be found in the verbal descriptions of the characters, the drawings of the characters, the actions and words of the characters, the words of other characters about these vampires, and, finally, the visual settings shown in the graphic novels. Follow APA style guidelines 

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