Response paper on Robert O’Connell’s book “Sacred Vessels,”

3-5 pages in length (750 to 1,200 words), in response to assigned book. This assignment is due on March 21. The essay needs to be in response to, Robert O’Connell’s Sacred Vessels. To receive a high grade, each student must demonstrate four things:

• First, each student must concisely and accurately explain the book’s central argument. State the thesis clearly in the first paragraph.

• Second, each student must summarize the evidence or examples utilized by the author.

• Third, each student must offer an analytical critique of the book. (This means critiquing the scholarship, not the author’s writing style). • Fourth, students must cite their sources, and to do this, they must use footnotes or endnotes. (For assistance in the proper format, see Or, more simply, footnotes

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