“Crash” Movie Review

Give specific examples of how the main characters had bonds of attachment, commitment, involvement, and belief. Which bonds were missing, weakened, or broken? What were the specific results for these characters? Consider the Labeling Theory in the social interaction and life choices of the movies “Crash” main characters; Give 3 specific examples from the movie using dialogue and scene description to explain the labeling process and its repercussions on the character. You paper should be separated by character. Head your sections y the character then answer the 4 questions listed above for each character. You must pick 4 characters. Identify the theory you are referring to when discussing the character’s issues and how their relationship fits into the theory. The grade will be based on how well you define the issues listed above. Detail is essential with your explanations. Detailing out the theory as it relates to the characters behavior is important as well as the specific behavior you are associating to the behavior. Sandra Bullock– Jean Cabot Don Cheadle– Detective Graham Walters Matt Dillon– Officer John Ryan Thandie Newton– Christine Thayer Husband Terrence Howard– Cameron Thayer Shaun Toub– Farhad Ryan Philippe– Officer Tom Hansen Michael Pena– Daniel (Locksmith)

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