Certificate IV in Training and Assessment in TAFE Australia


The course is TAE40116 certificate IV in Training and Assessment in TAFE Australia

The coursework to be completed is the last part of the course focused in: Planning assessment activities and process (TAEASS401) Design and develop assessment tools (TAEASS502) Assess competence (TAEASS402) Participate in assessment validation (TAEASS403) The format of the question are a combination of direct answer is paragraph (never more than 25 words) and filling templates (that I have attached in electronic format). When a template must be filled it will be highlighted in bold on the questions: RPL assessment plan/tool Competency map (matrix) Validation records Assessment brief check list Assessment instruments Assessment results Other documents Assessment feedback form for candidate Individualized assessment plan The best references to answer all question (up to now have not failed) are the following materials: /students.fortresslearning.com.au/learning_guide/Your_Complete_Integrated_Learning_Guide_3.-1.pdf Most of the question that I attached on my example the people (learners) or companies they work for I just made up, including their profile educational background and general information.

Follow the same line of work if necessary I will add anyone “real” later. All the work will be based on units of competence that can assed through the site training.gov.au (on the top right corner there is a search engine). If you need to find an option just go to BSB (business courses) and choose a unit they all have descriptions of assessment requirements, that combined with the explanation from the above text books allow you to complete questions. I can give some examples of unit I have used before to make it easier to plan the assessments answers: BSBMKG523 Design and develop integrated marketing communication plan BSBCMM201 Communication in the workplace BSBCMM101A Apply basic communication skills

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