675 2-1 Julie Showalter and Ashley Osborn

 675 2-1 Ashley Osborn Two research methods, focus on are survey research and archival data from criminal justice records. Both could be useful in a variety of situations within the criminal justice field. Surveys are useful in giving criminal justice professionals insight on problems faced by communities by their perception. Surveys can also offer insight into possible solutions from the community. You can compile questions that allow you to focus on both problems and solutions, channeling the information you are seeking while offering participants anonymity. This is hugely beneficial as people can tend to be distrustful of law enforcement, or worry that their names will be released causing tension with other citizens. This option would be useful when you are trying to evaluate crime trends in your area, gauge the community’s attitude toward police, and their perceived effectiveness, as well as possibly garner any leads on unsolved crimes or crime trends in the region. The use or archival data for research would be useful when reflecting on legislation and policy. You could pull that information from previous cases and see what is working and what isn’t. That information then could be applied to updating or changing poorly functioning policy and legislation. What better way to establish successful policy than to use previously gathered information relevant to your current crimes and crime trends? That way you aren’t going in blindly but rather taking existing information and using it to benefit your community.

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