Phenomenon/experience of loss for daughters whose mothers are diagnosed with Alzheimer Disease

Paper Requirements: For this paper, you will be writing up a short research study ( phenomenology qualitative study). Ensure there is congruence with your theoretical framework and philosophical tradition or paradigm in all sections of the paper. The focus is on analysis so the first few sections of this paper are to show how your chosen lens leads you to create knowledge in a unique way. Use the categories and themes from the stories of living with loss. (see Chapters 6 and 9 of Saldaňa, J., & Omasta, M. (2018). Qualitative research: Analyzing life. Los Angeles, CA: Sage. to help guide you with these sections of your paper):

1. Introduction: Provide a brief introduction to your research about the phenomenon/experience of loss for daughters whose mothers are diagnosed with Alzheimer Disease. Include a purpose for your research study. (1 – 2 para) 2. Theoretical Framework – describe your theoretical framework and situate it within a larger ontological tradition/worldview/paradigm (1 to 2 para) 3. Research question (s) – What is/are your research questions? These questions will reflect your theoretical lens and worldview and how you view the phenomenon of loss. 4. Data collection methods and Participants (1 to 2 para) 5. Data Analysis and methods (1 para) 6. Findings – this is the focus of the paper where you are fleshing out your findings – what are the themes that you identified emerging in the stories of loss – provide examples of excerpts from the stories to give support to your themes (4 to 5 pages). Show how the themes link with and expand your chosen theoretical framework – you may use diagram to explain the themes 7. Conclusions (1 to 2 paras)

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