Failure to rescue

DIRECTIONS: prepare five(5) or more research study articles (minimum of 3 of which must be nursing research) providing evidence to support an aspect of nursing practice. subtitles for the paper: -background of practice topic. -PICO questions. include one PICO question. -Implications for practice – with supporting evidence of a minimum of 5 research studies. -Conclusion clear and follows from evidence. At least 3 of 5 required references are nursing research; other 2 references may be from other disciplines. Level of evidence identified for all references. References cited in correct APA format throughout the presentation. All references are current. include all references, grade all references using A1, A2, B1, B2, C1, C2, D0.CINAHL is recommended as a research site but you can use others. Just make sure 3 out of the five are nursing research. research articles should be within 5 years

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