Renewable energy

 Guideline for Final paper 1. Introduction 24 points Background statement 5-6 sentences Three sub-themes 3-4 sentences on each theme. Clear Thesis Statement 1 sentence Objective 1 sentence. Literature review 20 points (2 points per article reviewed) 10 scholarly articles reviewed must be related to three subthemes Must show the objective, data source, methods and results (5-6 sentences on each article. Hypothesis 1 or 2 short clearly stated hypothesis (es). 2 points Source of Data and methods 2 points Rational/ significance for this study. 2 points 2. Results (BODY of your Paper) (25-30 sentences) 40 points Start with your thesis statement (1 sentence). Write a short introduction (1 sentence) on a sub theme. Write at least 3 paragraphs (each paragraph should have at least 5-6 sentences supporting or rejecting the sub theme) on each sub topics. For each subtopic write a short 1 sentence conclusion) 3. Conclusion 5 points Start with your thesis statement. Write your objective again here. Write at least 6-7 sentences on your results. Write 2-3 sentences pointing out some suggestion on your problem and guideline for future research. 4. References 5 points 10 Google scholar articles that you used in the lit rev should be written here following APA style. 5. Edit your paper thoroughly before you submit in the BB. 6. SAFE ASSIGN will be in effect and matching more than 20 percent will receive 0 in the paper. 7. Deadline is April 1. Late fees are 2 points per day. No EXCEPTIONS. 8- use easy words and easy vocabulary

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