Outline for Theoretical Analysis

  It should be a fairly simple task as you are very familiar with the essay that u wrote. Steps in the process: 1. Identify the Main argument of the text (what we usually thesis). 2. Identify the main ideas of the article (how the thesis will be expanded upon in the text) 3. Identify where the introduction is, the body of the text is and where the text begins to conclude. 4. Read the body of the article thoroughly. Follow on how the thesis and main arguments are being followed up on in the rest of the article. In this process you will need to decide what the “important ideas” that need to be in the outline are and what the not so important ideas are. You will decide this based on how it relates to the thesis and main arguments the writer presents at the beginning of the text. 5. Write the main arguments (based on the above) in the sequence the writer follows in the text. For each main argument you also need to identify the sub ideas of the main ideas. 6. Identify what ideas the writer presents in the conclusion. Using the sentence format, start drafting your outline. 1. The outline needs to be divided into three sections; introduction, body and conclusion 2. Use Roman numbers for main ideas and indent for main argument and sub ideas. Use Capital alphabets for main arguments and numerals for sub ideas. 3. In the intro, please write the main ideas the writer presents then end with his thesis or main argument. 4. Divide the body into the main arguments that he presents. Each main argument needs to have a roman numbers and the main ideas need to have capital letters and then the sub ideas numerals. End the outline with the conclusion. Follow the same system. Here is a sample Television and Children’s Violence I. Introduction A. Does television cause violence? 1. Brief mention of previous areas of research 2. Identify causation dilemma B. Present studies on both sides 1. Some studies are “for” 2. Some studies are “against” C. After weighing evidence it appears that TV does not cause violence II. Research “For”A. First study “for” 1. Method 2. Results 3. Analysis of their conclusions a. insufficient sample size b. but representative sample B. Second study “for” 1. Method 2. Results 3. Analysis of their conclusions a. faulty instructions b. poor control group III. Research “Against”

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