Purpose Social class is a very important concept in sociology.


Social class is a very important concept in sociology. This discussion aims to generate an understanding of a stratification system in which people are grouped and placed into hierarchical layers based on their achievements.


Read Chapter 9 of the textbook as well as other Lesson 6 course modules. Based on your readings and other sources, discuss the following:

Take a stand and discuss how the Marxian or Weberian (Marx and Weber) version of the social class resembles the American class structure. 

Reply to a minimum of 2 classmates with additional information, terms, theoretical perspectives, follow-up questions, and authentic discussion interactions. Also, respond to others who have responded to you. Lackadaisical responses will not be accepted.


You will be assessed on:

  1. Successfully answering the discussion prompt with originality and accuracy, and while following directions.
  2. Accurately including and applying important terminology from the textbook and course content.
  3. Participation, Timeliness, and Quality of posts and replies.
  4. Grammar, spelling, punctuation, word choice, and sentence structure of posts and replies.
  5. Refer to the Discussion Rubric SP21 for more specific criteria to attain a maximum discussion score.

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