· 1. Describe the tenets of republicanism · 2. Explain


· 1. Describe the tenets of republicanism 

· 2. Explain the development of state constitutions 

· 3. Explain the need for a central government stronger than that created by the Articles of Confederation 

· 4. Analyze the causes and consequences of Shays’ Rebellion 

· 5. Describe slavery in the new republic 

· 6. Examine the role of religion in the new republic 

· 7. Explain the key tenets of the U.S. Constitution, including the powers given to each branch of government by the Constitution 

· 8. Analyze the provisions and nature of the United States Constitution, including such concepts as federalism 

· 9. Explain what the different branches of government do, their separation of powers, and how they check and balance each other 

· 10. Describe the vision of the Federalists • 11. Identify the amendments included in the Bill of Rights

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