UPLOAD EACH HOMEWORK SEPARATELY Homework Assignment 1 First, Think About

                                UPLOAD EACH HOMEWORK SEPARATELY

Homework Assignment 1 

First, Think About It:

What is a social problem or occurrence that you have observed that really bothers you? What do you think is the root of the problem? What do you think could be done to improve the problem or the conditions in which the problem thrives? How could a program help? What would your program look like? How would your program help people? What data exists to support your improvement theories OTHER than anecdotal evidence? (In other words, what evidence do you have that your strategies are appropriate for your audience and their situation?) Where might you find data to help solve the problem?

Second, Research It:

Now that you have a topic in mind, let’s see what has already been done in the area that has shown success at improving the situation that concerns you. What evidence did you find? Institutional data, scholarly research, informational websites, government offices, examples of similar programs, etc. (Keep this information handy, you will need it for your Week 12 Assignment.)

Third, Answer the Discussion Question:

Describe a program you would like to create or replicate to solve a problem that has meaning to you. In your program description, be sure to mention what services/skills you think should be delivered/taught, how long would it take for the program to make an impact, who would attend the program (target audience), and what does the program hope to accomplish?

1) Purpose/ Hope to Accomplish (Goal Statement)

2) Audience:

3) Services:

4) What should people be able to do after they have received the services or instruction? (Outcomes, with an action verb that completes the statement: Students will be able to ______.

5) Length of Time before Impact could be noticeable? Short-term indicators and Long-term indicators

Homework Assignment 2

First, Think About It:

Remember last week when you were asked to locate published evidence that (1) you had appropriately identified and problem, and (2) that the strategies you would implement in your program had shown previous success with similar populations? Go back and refresh your memory about the contents of the publication.

Next, Answer the Discussion Question:

Provide an overview of your two most promising articles.

· Restate the Goal of your Proposed Program for the readers, then

· Using APA style manual, provide a correct citation for each article.

· In your own words (I will be watching and checking), provide an overview or summary of the major points and conclusions as demonstrated in the article.

· Specifically, why was this article helpful to you? What strategies do you plan to use from it in the design of your own program? What makes you think your program will show similar success to the article you read about?

· If there are differences in the two situations (problem, people, location, etc.) in your program to the ones addressed in the article, either what will you do to overcome those differences or why do you believe the strategy should still work?

Homework Assignment 3

First, Think About It

In every program, there will be a training/educational component. Think about your program for a moment. Reflect on the goal of your program (Summative Evaluation) plus the specific learning outcomes (Formative Evaluation) you hope the participant will master. If they don’t master the instructional material provided by the program (outcomes), how can they make improvements in their performance?


Goal: Diabetics will be able to treat their own daily healthcare needs. (Summative)

· Outcome 1: Students will be able to use the appropriate equipment to take a blood sample.

· Outcome 2: Students will be able to analyze the blood sample to make necessary decisions about insulin intake.

· Outcome 3: Students will be able to correctly administer insulin shots either in their stomachs or legs.

Obviously, the program would be responsible for teaching the students these skills. Also, there would be a correct way to complete the task and a wrong way, and while people were learning, there would be the idea that the more they practice the closer to “correct” they would become. That space in between wrong and correct is called “the extent to which” the student has mastered the task. Like what letter grades might represent, A, B, C, D, F! 

Second, Research It

Therefore, if your program will train/educate people then you should consider Kirkpatrick’s Four Levels for Evaluating Training Programs. Go back and reflect on what each level is and what it hopes to accomplish.

Third, Answer the Discussion Question

· To help the reader, start by providing the Goal of your program and list each intended learning outcome.

· Explain how you might use all of Kirkpatrick’s 4 Levels of Evaluation in your training program and why. Be as specific as possible. This is how you will eventually know if your program is working or not and if changes need to be made.

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