NO PLAGIARISM, Must be five pages! No less. Follow instructions

 NO PLAGIARISM, Must be five pages! No less. Follow instructions answering all questions.

  1. Company: Dairy Queen
  2. Select the several topics provided below. You will pick (3) and discuss them relative to the company and the class subject matter. You will also provide your opinion on whether you agree how they utilize the subject matter and explain whether you agree or if you would do something differently. You must support these points with good reason.
  3. The paper needs to be 5-pagesdouble spaced, not including your research references.

 You will only pick (3) from the questions below to discuss in the paper!

  • What is a company’s overall brand strategy? Do you think it is a  good one? Would you do anything else to help ensure greater success?  Support your opinion with specific examples.
  • Who is your target customer that the company is marketing to and what is its marketing strategy in reaching this customer base?
  • What are the biggest challenges the company is facing with their marketing strategy?
  • How can you improve the company’s current product marketing strategy? Give specific examples and support your opinions.
  • How do you think this company got to where it is based on their marketing strategy?
  • What would you suggest would be a good marketing strategy to be more  successful? Give specific examples and support your opinions.
  • What should the company do more of in their current marketing  strategies? What other types of strategies do you think would benefit  this company and why?
  • What are the company’s strategic uncertainties? How would you address them?
  • What is the best way to measure your marketing strategy’s success? Do you think this company is being successful and why?
  • How does the company use social media? How has the company benefited  from the social media strategy or not? Do you agree with this strategy  and why?

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