Chapter 10 Explain why a common misconception is that the

Chapter 10

  1. Explain why a common misconception is that the American Revolution was based on terrorism. What is revolutionary terrorism?
  2. Briefly explain why modern revolutionary terrorism reached its zenith in the 1960s and 1970s.
  3. How are Maoist revolutionary terrorists different from most other revolutionary terrorists?
  4. Summarize the environment in which death squads emerge and describe the tactics they employ.

Chapter 11

  1. Explain the philosophy of the Muslim Brotherhood.
  2. According to Bunzel (2015), what are the concepts stressed by the Jihadi Salafi members of ISIS?
  3. What resulted from the declaration of war and the alliance against Jews and crusaders?
  4. Explain how ISIS restored the historic Islamic community in the minds of Salafists.

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